Digital Leadership

Rob's Sonic Branding Editorial from Adweek


A few words on why marketers need to give sonic branding the same breadth, rigor and detail that has been historically reserved for visual design:

Rob's Adweek Editorial on Esports


Any brand not marketing in the esports world Is already behind the curve. Let me explain why…

The Digital Social Contract: As relevant as ever


With 140,000 online views, the ebook The Digital Social Contract has reached #2 on the list of digital works published by Ogilvy. And the content is as valuable as ever for those trying to understand the world of digital creators and their audiences.

Cordless: The Radical Redefinition of Television


I was a proponent of Internet-delivered TV during my time in the late ’90’s and 2000’s at MTV and IFC. How did upstarts like Netflix push TV networks into the very situation they resisted? Join us for a look at a cordless society. 

Podcast: The Link Between Data and Innovation


Marketing strategist Steve Mudd speaks with Rob Davis, Head of Digital, Ogilvy USA to explore the connection between data and innovation, how companies shield themselves from new ideas, and why brands need to get down with OTT.

Ogilvy Understands the Social Video Audience


I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incomparable Allison Stern, Co-Founder of Tubular Labs, to discuss social video. We tackle some of the most damaging conventional wisdom while opening up pathways to ideas that work.