Raconteur: Stories from the Road

The Overland Tales

Wanderlust, Steam & Transcendental IDGAF


How does one reach the state of transcendental IDGAF? It starts with trains. A lot of trains.

Past Stories

Steaming Through Mosby’s Confederacy


A passion for steam trains can send one to places they would otherwise never explore. The northern Virginia hill country is one such place for me. 

Seeing Ghosts on the Allentown & Auburn


Sometimes I wish I was ignorant of industrial history. I could cross out of service railroad tracks without wanting to know where they went and why. 

Connections of Steam: Understanding the Draw


Six decades after the end of American steam, a small contingent of boilermakers, machinists and mechanics keep a handful of coal and oil-fired locomotives active. 

Penn Station: A Citizen’s Guide to an American Tragedy


To understand Penn Station is to understand America. For better or worse, the station has always been a reflection of the times.

Donkey Wings: Chicken Wing Life Part #3


Melancholy is not on the menu at the humble white house on the corner of Grace and Brighton where barkeeps pour beers to the beat of classic rock while chefs fry up poultry history. This house is legend, chicken wing legend: JoJo’s at The Donkey.

Ontario Hockey Morning


I’m on a bus headed east across southern Ontario. The leading edge of a storm front hasn’t quite made it to the horizon, leaving room for a narrow slice of orange and purple sunrise to glow through, just enough to brighten the snow covered fields and outline the silhouettes of trees scattered along farm boundaries, roads and creeks. 

Video: Riding Into British History On The Cotswold Venturer

One of the famous Gresley A4 locomotives, #60009 “The Union of South Africa,” pulls the Railway Touring Company "Cotswold Venturer" from London to Worcester, England and return on 16.2.2019.   Join steam enthusiast Robert John Davis for a Premier Class ride on the Pullman "Sapphire" in an all day adventure from London Paddington  across the Cotswolds to Worcester Shrub Hill in the heart of beautiful Worcestershire.